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Class 1

Single trumpet daffodil
1st R. Tabor
2nd D. Collins
3rd R. Munford

Class 2

Single large cupped daffodil
1st R. Tabor
2nd R. Munford
3rd D. Collins

Class 2 Richard Tabor.jpg
Class 2 Richard Munford.jpg
Class 2 Dennis Collins.jpg

Class 3

Single small cupped daffodil
1st R. Munford
2nd R. Tabor
3rd D. Collins

Class 4

Single double daffodil
1st R. Tabor
2nd L. Wood
3rd M. Thompson


Class 3 Richard Munford.jpg
Class 4 Richard Tabor.jpg
Class 3 Richard Tabor.jpg
Class 3 Dennis Collins.jpg
Class 4 Lesley Wood.jpg
Class 4 Miles Thompson.jpg

Class 5

Vase of 3  Large cupped daffodils
1st D. Collins
2nd R. Munford
3rd R. Tabor

Class 5 Dennis Collins.jpg
Class 5 Richard Munford.jpg
Class 5 Richard Tabor.jpg


Class 6

Vase of 3  tulips
1st L. Wood
2nd J. Khalfan
3rd R. Tabor

Class 6 Lesley Wood.jpg
Class 6 Julie Khalfan.jpg
Class 6 Richard Tabor.jpg

Class 8

Vase of cut flowers from bulbs/corms

1st J. Khalfan
2nd L. Wood

Class 8 Julie Khalfan.jpg
Class 8 Lesley Wood.jpg

Class 9 

Pot of growing bulbous plant
1st C. Chadwick
2nd R. Tabor

Class 9 Carole Chadwick.jpg
Class 9 Richard Tabor.jpg

Class 10

A camellia bloom
1st C. Chadwick
2nd M. Thompson
3rd B. Burt

Class 10 Carole Chadwick.jpg
Class 10 Miles Thompson.jpg
Class 10 Belinda Burt.jpg

Class 11

Floral art
1st D. Gaines
2nd V. Hutton

Class 11 Dawn Gaines.jpeg
Class 11 Val Hutton.jpg