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Autumn Show - 7 September  2.30 Village Hall

Show Secretary: Jackie Constantine                                           Tel: 277867.


Staging: 8.30 am -10.15 am (Judging  from 10.30)


Entries: By telephone, e-mail, direct to Show Secretary or to ‘Malricks', The Street, (using the form on page 3 of the printed schedule) not later than Thursday 5 September. Alternatively by email using the form under the shows and events tab.

Entry Fee: 20p per class. (Children's classes free)


Presentations, Auction and Draw: 4.15 pm

Vases provided must be used unless otherwise stated.  Please name varieties if possible.

Prizes: First: £2.00; Second: £1.00; Third: 50p






1   A collection (24" X 24"max.) of four kinds of vegetables, one of each kind.

    Each item to be marked out of 10 points.

2   Four potatoes, one variety

3   Nine shallots (excluding pickling)

4   A vase of five stems of different culinary herbs,

5   Three carrots    no flowers

6   Six runner beans

7   Garlic, three bulbs

8   Three onions 8 oz or under

9   Three onions over 8 oz

10  Three leeks

11  Three beetroots

12  A plate of three standard tomatoes (with calyx)

13  A truss of  tomatoes (miniature variety, at least three ripe)

14  Six hot chillies, one variety

15  Any vegetable not mentioned above, number optional

16  A plate of three dessert apples

17  A plate of three cooking apples

18  A plate of three dessert pears

19  A plate of any fruit other than apples and pears

20  Runner Bean Race - longest combined length of three beans



21  Sunflower with the largest diameter head

22  A specimen bloom chrysanthemum

23  A vase of three disbudded chrysanthemums

24  One stem of spray chrysanthemum

25  A vase of three stems of spray chrysanthemums.  Any variety or varieties.

26  One dahlia over 200mm diameter (giant or large)

27  Three dahlias between 150mm & 220mm diameter (medium), one or more varieties

28  Three decorative or ball dahlias up to 170mm diameter (small or miniature),one or more varieties

29  Three cactus/semi cactus dahlias up to 170mm diameter (small or miniature), one or more varieties

30  Three pompon dahlias up to 52mm,one or more varieties

31  Three dahlias, any other group(s) not mentioned in classes 26-30

32   A display of mixed dahlias, not more than 9 stems

33   A rose bloom, large flowered

34   A vase of three large flowered rose blooms, one or more varieties

35   Cluster rose, one stem

36   A vase of any kind of flower not mentioned above, not more than nine stems

37   A vase of hardy perennials, max. 9 stems, one or more kinds

38  A vase of mixed garden flowers

39  The best flower from my garden (one stem or spray)

40  A cactus or succulent *

41  A pot plant, other than orchid, in flower *

42  A pot plant, foliage *

43  A pot plant in fruit *

44  An Orchid, in flower.*

*(internal diameter of pot not to exceed 8”) Also see Show Reg. 1


45  “Little Treasures” a petite exhibit in a teacup,flowers and berries allowed, not exceeding 8"

46  “Harvest Supper” to include fruit/nuts/vegetables, p to 18” wide, 12” high. Open staging.

47  “Woodland Walk” An exhibit in or on a log to be staged in a niche, 24” wide, 36” high. Fresh foliage including seed heads, excluding flowers, accessories allowed.


Taken by the exhibitor, the exhibit not previously to have won a prize at one of the Society's shows.  Mounted or unmounted, with or without border, max. size 7" x 5" (18x13cm)colour. Except classes 50, 51 & 52 which are up to A4 size.

48   Foliage

49  “Bygones" A set of three photos

50  “Humour” - up to A4 in size

51   "A Surrey Landmark’” - up to A4 in size

52   “A furry friend” -up to A4 in size



53   Gingerbread, four pieces

54   Five cheese scones

55   A savoury quiche (no fish) 8” maximum diameter. Presented on a plate

56   Banana loaf madein 2lb loaf tin

57   A plate of five open jam tarts

58   A pot of fruit jelly

59   A trio of different preserves

Do not use cake or bread mixes, or ready-made pastry

SECTION VI CHILDREN'S CLASSES  (Open)  (Please state age)

60  (Pre-school):                Something I made in the holidays

61  (8 yrs and under):        A painted pebble

62  (16yrs and under):       A plate of five decorated biscuits

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