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130th Summer Show - 13 JULY   2.30 Village Hall

Show Secretary: Zoë Horton. Tel  277960. Email:

Staging: 8.00 am -10.15 am (Judging from 10.30am)


Entries: By telephone, e-mail,direct to Show Secretary or to ‘Malricks, The Street, (using the form on page 5 of the printed schedule) not later than Thursday 11 July.  Alternatively by email using the form under the shows and events tab.


Entry Fee: 20p per class. (Children’s classes free)


Presentations, Auction and Draw: 4.15 pm


Vases provided by the society must be used unless otherwise stated. 

Please name varieties  if possible.

Prizes:First: £2.00; Second:£1.00p; Third: 50p










1    A collection (30" x 30" max) of four kinds of vegetable.  Prizes: 1st £3; 2nd £2; 3rd £1.

      Numbers as per classes 3-19 below, where not stated numbers not less than half as per RHS handbook.  

2    A collection of four kinds of vegetables, one of each kind. (Each item  to be marked out of 10 points)

3    Potatoes, four

4    Carrots, three

5    Beetroots, three, round

6    Lettuces, two heads

7    Peas, (mange tout), nine pods

8    Peas, nine pods

9    French Beans, six

10  Broad Beans, six

11  Garlic, three

12  Onions, three 8 oz or under

13  Onions, three over 8 oz

14  Shallots, nine

15  Marrows, one pair, not more than 12 inches long

16  Courgettes, three, not more than 6in long (excluding stalk & flower)

17  Cucumber, one

18  Tomatoes, three standard size with calyx

19  Miniature tomatoes, six with calyx

20  Rhubarb, three sticks, trimmed leaves

21  Any vegetable not mentioned in classes 3-20 (not less than half number stated in RHS handbook

     — copy available from the Show Secretary)

22 Three stems each of four different culinary herbs in water (no flowers)

23  Redcurrants, twelve strigs

24  Raspberries, a dish of twelve

25  Gooseberries, a dish of twelve

26  Any other fruit not mentioned in classes 23-25 (not less than half number stated in RHS handbook;

      copy available from the Show Secretary)


27    Lilium, one specimen stem

28    Delphinium, one specimen spike

29    A large flowered rose

30    Rose, 3 stems, one cultivar, bud, perfect, open (one vase)

31    Three large flowered roses, one or more varieties

32     Five roses, one or more varieties

33     One stem, cluster flowered rose

34     Three stems, cluster flowered roses, one or more varieties

35     Miniature roses, three stems, one or more varieties

36     Sweet peas (annual), one vase, three stems, one or more varieties

37     Sweet peas (annual), one vase of seven stems, with or without foliage

38     A display of not less than twelve sweet peas

39     One specimen stem (not mentioned in classes 27-38)

40     Six blooms of pansies or violas, one or more varieties  (to be displayed on a society show board)

41     Five stems of marigolds

42     A vase of three sprays of one kind of flowering shrub

43     A vase of mixed annuals

44     A vase of one kind of flower not mentioned in classes 27-42

45     A vase of hardy perennials, max. 9 stems, one or more kinds

46     Six fuchsia flowers one or more varieties, displayed on a society show board

47     Three stems of pelargonium (geranium) with/without leaves

48     A floral display of mixed flowers and garden material from the exhibitor's  own garden,

         to be judged for quality and effect; society vase provided. (Medland Trophy to be awarded)

49     A vase of flowering shrubs, 3 kinds, one stem or branch of each.



Pot Plants (internal diameter not to exceed 8”)

(Pot plants must have belonged to the exhibitor for at least 6 months)


50    A pelargonium, in flower

51    A pot fuchsia (single flowered)

52    A pot fuchsia (semi double or double flowered)

53   An orchid, in flower

54   Any other flowering pot plant.

55   A foliage pot plant

56   A cactus or succulent



57  A table arrangement for a party, using material from exhibitor's garden,viewed from all sides, 12" high          max., 18” wide, open staging.  No accessories. (New Blair Bowl)

58   "Drink Up!" An arrangement of natural plant material including accessories, 24”wide, height unlimited,     open   staging.  (BOYS & MEN ONLY)

59   Musical Box:An arrangement in a box up to  24”wide, height unlimited, open staging,  accessories allowed.

60  "Time for Tea”, an exhibit not exceeding 8” in diameter, open staging, accessories allowed,

SECTION III                 PHOTOGRAPHY (Open)

Taken by the exhibitor, the exhibit not previously to have won a prize at one of the Society's shows.  Mounted or unmounted, with or without borders, max. size  up to A4

61   Ewhurst— a set of three photos

62   Tools

63   Shadows

64   English Country garden

65   Open Subject — in monochrome


Made by the exhibitor, the exhibit not previously to have been exhibited at one of the Society’s shows

66  A drawing or painting

67  An item of handicraft

68  An item of needlework

69  An item of knitting or crochet


70   A white loaf, hand made(at least 24 hours old)

71   Focaccia Loaf

72   Five fruit scones

73   Victoria Sandwich 8” maximum diameter

74   Four eggs (one kind) displayed in a basket with straw

75   Five chocolate chip cookies

76   A pot of lemon curd

77   A pot of fruit jam (1lb, 454 g) (NB note in Hints and Tips)

78   A bottle of cordial (undiluted) (NB note in Hints and Tips)

79   A fruit, or aromatic botanicals, infused spirit ( in clear glass bottle)

Do not use cake or bread mixes, or ready-made pastry


(Please State age)

80  (Pre-school)             My favourite painting

81 ( 8 yrs and under)     A birthday card

82 (16 yrs and under)    A photo—open subject

83  (16 yrs and under)   Four decorated fairy cakes

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