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We are holding our annual Plant Sale in the Village Hall on Saturday 27th April from 10 am to 12 noon. An order form which lists the bedding and basket plants available is available here. The Word version will allow you to download and fill in the form which can be filled in and attached to an email. The PDF version allows you to view and print the form only.

Please email your order to  All orders will be acknowledged by email.

Regarding payment, you will receive an invoice on the day of the sale (not before, just in case there are any items not in stock) and can pay by cash, cheque or by bank transfer using the bank account details found on the bottom of the invoice.

There will also be the usual Members Table where we ask everyone to bring along any spare plants you may have which can be sold for Society funds.  Please label everything clearly and we will price up.

In addition Miriam Budgen will be there with her vast selection of plants for sale. Do please support her plant sales on the table near Mapledrakes corner at other times.

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